This fellow keeps on doing this clearing throat thingy. And he keeps on “forcing his breath out of his nose” so much so that his breath hit my face. For goodness’ sake, I am standing at least 2 feet away. Come on. If you sick, stay home or least wear a mask! Irritating! And look at the way he stands. How much space does he need? So inconsiderate! He is scratching everywhere from neck to hands. This fellow obviously has hygiene issues.

It is this kinda Singaporeans that make me feel ashamed to be named as one.


No Mood

I totally do not feel like going to work today. I just had had another gastric attack over the past weekend. I know it is due to my unhappiness at work. I am mentally and emotionally drained. No mood. No motivation. No wish to put in any more efforts for this company anymore. It really sucks to be working under that kinda shallow and indecisive boss, and to be working with that kinda god-knows-how-he-got-into-that-position CFO. Tsk. Frustrating. I have no idea how much longer I can put up with this. The best solution is of course getting another job and leave this damn company. But the economy and job market has slowed down. If I quit now, most probably I will be unemployed for months.

So damn pissed with my life. I must have done terrible things to people in my past life, that is why I am suffering like this in this lifetime. Sigh. I do not know what I can do to make up for the sins I have had done. But I need to get out of this job. Fast.

Please bless me with a new job the soonest. Thank you.