The New Boss

This morning, when I logged into Outlook, one of the first emails I checked was from the travel agency. Christine, one of the few agents assisting with our flight and hotel bookings, sent an email, saying that the new boss (let’s call her E) called them in the morning (before I came into the office) from the airport, requesting them to issue her her flight tickets to KL. So, the email was to confirm that we did not inform them to issue the flight ticket for this trip. I checked the relevant emails, and recalled that E did not confirm on this trip. When the agency sent us her flight itinerary weeks ago, she asked me if she could change the return flight to later timing. She asked me to confirm with another colleague, who would be traveling together, and I told her that the timings were given by him. So, she said that she would check with him and get back to me. A couple of days later, this other colleague sent me an email to confirm on his flight ticket issuance. I still did not receive any instruction from her.

Let me explain how my travel coordination work is like here. The requestor will send me the details of the trip – travel date and timing, destination, preferred hotel, etc. – I will send email to the travel agency with the details. After a day or two, the travel agency will reply with the flight and hotel options and rates. I will then forward these to the requestor. The requestor will reply with his/her selection, and I will forward the choice to the travel agency. The travel agency will send both the requestor and me the flight itinerary, which the requestor will have to reply with a confirmation to issue the e-ticket, by the deadline. Without this confirmation from the requestor, the travel agency will not take any action. If there is no confirmation from the requestor by the deadline, the flight booking will be released, which means that if the requestor asks for the same flight bookings, the price will not be the same and the ticket may not be available anymore.

So, in this case, E did not get back to me at all with any instruction, and thus, I did not inform the travel agency to issue the e-ticket for her for this trip. Amazingly, she went to the airport this morning without any flight ticket. How did she assume that she had the flights booked when she did not even come back to me with any update? After I checked the emails, I got a message from her. She asked me to check what had happened that she did not have her flight tickets and had to book the next flight while at the airport. Though I did not (and do not) feel that it was my fault, I still gave a formal reply with an apology for the incident, and made it a point to her that it was her who did not confirm on the trip, thus the ticket was not issued. She did not seem to have read the important point – that it was her fault for not confirming on the flight – but replied with “I am really surprised, not very professional but we’ll do better next times.” The words “not very professional” bit me.

Firstly, she should be the one to confirm on the booking, and she said that she would get back to me after checking with the colleague on the timing, but she did not do so. Secondly, she is so self-entitled that she assumes I am her personal assistant who follows behind her butt 24 hours a day and that I have nothing else to do but simply support her, the one and only one in this whole universe, and that I have all the time in the world just to keep on following up on her matters. Thirdly, she is not my boss, yet. She is the new boss who will take over my current boss’ position in months to come. BUT NOT YET. So, she is just another person in the team. Look, if you are not my boss – BB – you are simply another parasite to me. So you better treat me right as you will need my assistance here and there, now and then. If you treat me like how my previous superior treated me – squeezed me dry; threw me all kinds of tasks, be it my responsibility or not; took me for granted; did not show me any appreciation or kindness; did not give me the review/reward/recognition I deserve – I will simply ignore you like you are invisible, or worse, a pest.

I was so pissed that I sent messages to complain to another colleague and an ex-colleague. I had disliked E when she just joined the team in August. She came over for 2 weeks in July, prior to her official joined date, and already asked me to assist with this and that. I was nice and kind as she was new, so I reckoned that she would need some basic assistance. I was fine with that, initially. Then, after she joined officially, I applied for the purchase of her company phone and requested for her mobile phone set-up information from the IT department. When the phone arrived, I passed it to her and informed her of the email which IT had sent to her on the phone set-up process. Normal people would have referred to the email and followed the instructions to set the phone and account up. Only if they encounter any issue, would they ask for assistance again. But this joker made me sit there with her while she was figuring out how to set up her new iPhone in FRENCH. I am a Singaporean, who speaks/reads/writes English and Mandarin, with no knowledge of her language. What did she expect from me when I am not an IT person? And while she keyed in her PIN and password, I had to look away, but still sitting there. The next thing which amazed and annoyed me at the same time was, while she is holding 2 iPhones of her own, she does not know how to insert the SIM card. Seriously? Wow. Well, I quickly inserted the SIM card for her, wishing that it would end there and I could leave for the day. After having me sat there for 15 minutes and she still could not figure out how to set her new iPhone up, she told me she would let me know the next morning and we could ask the IT for assistance during her collection of her equipment and passes. The next morning, the time came for her collection at the IT department. I had to accompany her down as she did not have her lift pass then. She kept asking for the lift pass, and referred to it as white staff pass. I did not get her and thought she was referring to the staff pass. Anyway, the IT would issue new ones to her. I do not understand her English 80% of the time. That French slant of hers… Anyway, when we were at the IT department, I thought my job was done when I escorted her there. I did not expect her to be so reliant and I had to stay with her for 30 minutes before I found an excuse to get away. In the end, she returned only 2 hours later. (Phew~) The next day, she came running to me when I just reached my workstation in the morning, telling me that something got stuck in the charger port of her new iPhone, and the phone could not charge. (Wow~) She said that her phone battery was dying and asked me to get her a wireless charger. At this point of time, I already was very fed up with her. Nevertheless, I googled for a gadget shop nearby where I could get the wireless charger for her. It was before 10 in the morning, no shops here open that early, other than the eateries. Anyway, I found 1 shop at the MRT station which the website stated the opening hour at 10.30am. I rushed over at 10.20am, and it was not opened yet. I waited for a few minutes, then sent a WhatsApp message to the mobile number provided on the gate. At the other end, the person holding this number replied that they open at 11.15am. (Wow~) 40 minutes to go! I decided to check out another building nearby, hoping that I could find a similar shop there. I saw one shop selling mobile phones and went in to ask if they were selling wireless charger, but the guy told me it was not available. So I walked around to look for another. After I recced the ground floor to the other end of the building, I finally found one mobile gadget shop! It was a very small shop, with the small entrance blocked, and through the narrow counter, I tried to look in to find someone whom I could enquire but it seemed that no one was around. I looked around a few more seconds, and I heard a voice, “Hello.” I looked to my right, this man was walking towards me. Yeah! It was the shop owner/worker. So, I wasted no time and asked if any wireless charger was available. He said it was. (Woohoo!) So he guided me on how to use it, and explained to me why it was recommended instead of the other brand. Nice. I remembered that E asked me where she could get a phone case. (Right~) Thus, I purchased the phone case for her there as well. After I got the stuff, I quickly walked back to the office and put the charger and case on her desk. After about half an hour, before she even reached her desk, she saw me at mine and called out to me, asking me if I got her the charger. (Sigh~) I pointed to her desk and told her I got it for her. She was delighted. But it did not end there. She made me help her connect the wireless charger with the cable and whatnot. She then plugged the USB end to her laptop. You think all is good? Wrong. She called out to me again after 15 minutes or so, saying that the wireless charger was not charging. (Oh God~) So, I tried my trial and error method again, plugging the adaptor in and out of the extension multi-socket. Finally, after a few attempts, it worked. And now, you think it is done? Wrong again. The next day, when she tried to charge her phone with the wireless charger, it did not work again. I was thinking, either she or the wireless charger was trying to be funny. It worked the previous day and she did not remove the adaptor from the socket, how could it not be working when it had worked the previous day?? So, I tried unplugging everything and plugging everything in again, and it worked, again. Well, it is the most unintelligent wireless charger and she is the worse boss when it comes to independence.

I cannot imagine how the team will progress under her charge after BB leaves for another business unit. Whatever it is, I will leave the team when BB leaves. If he is unable to bring me along to his new team, I will resign. I cannot, and do not wish to, work under/with this dummy boss. I would rather be my own boss.

I Must Be Mad

I had a dream last night. In the dream, I was walking down the path with Mr. Nono and we were chatting away. It seemed like we were on a very good relationship. Then out of a sudden, he held my hand and asked me to be his girlfriend. I actually agreed! I felt so in love in the dream, and it was a very sweet image of us together.

But seriously, me and him????? No way!!!! It was more like a nightmare. My goodness. What was in my subconscious mind that I even dreamt of such ridiculous stuff? In the day, I was still complaining about him to Ms. P. Yet at night, I dreamt of being in love with him.

I must be really mad.

New Contract?

It was the last day of my work contract yesterday, yet the renewal contract which had been mentioned would be ready last Friday was not ready. Who wouldn’t feel like I had felt? I didn’t see their sincerity, and definitely not the recognition for all my efforts for the past year. I was ready to leave the company, and during the exit interview, the group HR personnel asked me a few options which could make me change my mind. She said, “They like you a lot.” I was surprised and amused. Surprised, because I didn’t feel that. Amused, because if that’s the truth, why was my renewal contract not prepared? By right, they should have prepared for my renewal one month ago, and if I had voiced out that I wasn’t keen to stay, they could have proceeded to recruit a replacement.

Anyway, I was ready to leave at the end of the day. Not quite. I wanted to leave at 4pm. Everyone leaves early on their last day. But then, B came to me and asked to have a discussion at 5.30pm, together with BB. I was startled, and wondered why my work life, and even my last day, was so special. So, I was clearing some work (which I didn’t have to but for the work ethics and integrity) while I waited. Then, BB came to me promptly at 5.30pm and we went to the big pantry. We sat at this big couch area, and he asked me whether I was unhappy there. Well, I couldn’t possibly tell him the truth upfront. I mean, it doesn’t look good and he couldn’t and wouldn’t want to manage the interpersonal issues. He’s already so busy with his responsibilities as the head of this entity. And frankly speaking, he’s too far on the top for me to mention this to. It’s too trivial. The fact that the both of them, the two highest rank bosses in the APAC team, were willing to speak to me in order to make me stay with the company, already is my honour. Who am I? I am just a junior staff.

So, I made my request to have just one reporting line – BB. It’s a super bold request. Of course, I was already prepared to leave, so I went all in. I explained that while I have been reporting to three bosses, all three bosses didn’t know how loaded I was, and I hope to report to just him, and subsequently the new BB after he moves on to another entity. This would help to let my boss know how much loaded I am, more or less. I also mentioned that I wanted all HR-related tasks to be taken out of my scope. BB was wondering. “I thought you had wanted to move into HR roles.” So, I explained, “Yes, I thought I could go into HR to learn, and the admin part could be moved to another headcount.” BB nodded his head, “Ya, that’s what I thought.” I continued, “But I think G (the HR Manager) prefers someone with experience. And I think ok, I am fine to do what I have been doing – the admin and secretarial support portions, but would like to take the HR support tasks out of my scope.” And BB agreed, “Ya, if she doesn’t want you in HR then she should take in all the HR stuff.” Wow, I was so elated that he understood and agreed with me.

All the while, B was sitting there quietly listening. Then when we talked about the admin portion, I hope BB would also be the one “overseeing” the team admin pillar which I am managing. B asked what team admin I was referring to. Actually, it was not very clear for the admin and HR scope I have been taking care of. The team in the region just come to me with any kinda of enquirers they have. There had not been a clear division between the two functions. So perhaps we had deviated from my point. It sounded like I wanted to remove the team admin duties too. So I quickly clarified that I just wanted to report to one boss who could also oversee the team admin portion. So when BB asked what C used to do, “Like do you go to her and ask should I do this or should I do that?” I paused for a moment, then told them that actually I didn’t go to C unless I needed her approvals. I just do what I do. So I just hope to report to one boss who could give me all the approvals I need. And BB said, “Ok, it’s easy! I can do that.” Cool!

So after that, he said they need to discuss and asked me to give them 10 minutes. I returned to my desk. After a few minutes, they returned, and BB signalled me to go in to his office with them. So they were ok to my requests. B said, “We will make it work.” Awesome! And today I’m back in office. But my account has expired and I can’t log in to my computer, even after going to the IT department and gotten a temporary password. No choice, but I had to text C to help me send request to extend my account.

Somehow, many people are happy for me to stay. But P doesn’t seem so. She treated me to lunch yesterday, my farewell lunch. But I stayed. Not sure why, but she “sounded” unhappy in her texts. Anyway, I don’t wanna care about how others think. It’s me myself that I have to be accountable to. So, I just have to wait for my account to be extended, and my renewal contract to be ready. Also, G doesn’t seem happy too, since yesterday. Because she needs to take over all the HR tasks till her new headcount. Well, since she doesn’t want me in her HR team, then I just stick to what I do. But she can’t expect me to help with her HR duties. I’m not her assistant. Yesterday, via the call, she asked to have a conversation together with C. I’m sure they are both unhappy that I brushed them off my plate. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask me to help with the existing duties till the new HR headcount comes on board. But I will not agree to that. I have made my requests, and the big bosses have agreed to my requests. I don’t report to either C or G moving forward. I can voice what I want. I have to be firm. I am easygoing, but I want to stop being nice to both of them. They are just not worth it.

Annoying Female Manager

I have been crying SOS numerous times, telling her that I am unable to cope with my workload. Yet, she still throws endless tasks to me. So, what’s the point of speaking to her? And the new-to-be manager, told her whatever I feedback to her as she’s a HR manager – twice thus far. So, I’m not going to tell her anything anymore. I guess I should really make a move.

I Will Get There

I’m on my way to my Excel training. It’s my second day of training, and after an assessment, I will get a certificate. But my main concern is to learn the Excel skills. Though I did learn something yesterday, it was very basic ones. Hopefully, I will be able to learn something which I can use on work.

It seems like I have been working for many days consecutively, however it’s only Tuesday. And yet, I feel so drained.

104 more days to go. I will get there.

3.5 Hours Of Overtime On Saturday

I just left the office. so, I worked for about 3.5 hours today. C left half an hour before me, saying she needed to bring her son to do some shopping. And she said I could take a day off work for today’s overtime. Woohoo!!! That’s the gift of the day! Well, I did earn and deserve this day off. I wasn’t there to just supervise today. I was moving stuff and going up and down the floors with the trolley, shifting pedestal from one side to the other, bringing monitors and such up 3 floors, etc. I earned the day off with sweat. Nevertheless, I appreciate that she initiated to give me a day off. At least I’m less annoyed than earlier on when I left for work. Cool! Gonna enjoy the rest of my weekend!

Salads Can’t Make Me Happy

I was browsing others’ blogs through discovery, and came across a post on salads. So it reminded me of how often I see my colleagues having salads for lunch.

I have never been a veggies or fish person since I was a kid. So, I guess I don’t have the best or healthiest diet in the world. I love junk foods and fast foods and deep-fried foods. The best I could do is to have some veggies along with my favourite food (could be deep-fried chicken or deep-fried pork chop or burger, etc) and rice. We always have rice or noodles in our meals. We are Asians after all, where carbo are our staple foods. I love potatoes though. I always tell my mom that I should have been born in western countries where they have potatoes instead of rice as carbo mains. Anyway, I think I really don’t have the Chinese taste buds. I don’t quite like stir-fry dishes. I find them oily. I know. Hilarious, right? That I actually find stir-fry dishes oily when I love deep-fried foods. Well, it’s just me and my appetite. I feel that I’m not so alike to my mom. I can’t remember how my dad was, but I think he liked deep-fried foods too. So, whenever I see my colleagues having salads for lunch, I would feel…amazed and would always say “After 2 hours, you’ll be hungry again.” That’s just my perception of having just salad for lunch. Greens can never make me real full or happy. It doesn’t make me satisfied, so I will always be hungry. So I have long let go of the thinking of having veggies as a way to slim down. I have actually long gave up on the thought of slimming down. Now, I only wish to have foods that I love, to get out of this job and find a way to make money whereby I can be happy too.

Ultimately, I just want to be happy.

Get Out

Here I am on my way to office, to see how the moving and shifting are done. Actually, seriously, I don’t think it’s necessary for me to b there. The facility manager is there, and had sent me videos of the work done. The movers were ready to go. The IT manager is there to do the assembling and setting up. So, why should I be there? No idea. Anyway, I forwarded the videos to C, updating her on the status. She replied that the movers could go, and we will meet there as planned later. Not that I thought she would say “Hey, then all’s good and we don’t have to go”. But perhaps, I was still holding a very tiny mini hope that she would have that little bit part of her which I could like about her as a boss. No, there isn’t any part in her that deserves my respect and liking. So, here I am on the train, typing away my annoyance. Just before I left home, my mom was saying perhaps C would say we don’t have to go back today. Nah! No way. She’s hopeless as a superior. No wonder P hates her so much. Anyway, hopefully I don’t have to stay too long over there. Hopefully I could leave in an hour. Hate it especially when I have to work extra hours and be there with her. I have to be pretentious, which is just not me. I hate the fact the I have to wear a mask. I hate the fact the I can’t be myself. I hate the fact that I have to give in and compromise to everyone else. There’s no give and take in my life. There’s only simply giving on my part. And I hate it to the max. Sigh. I hate how pathetic I am. I have to break out of this cycle, whereby I am sacrificing and pleasing others and can’t be myself and am not happy at all. I have to get out of this.

Moving Is Killing

We are moving to new office tomorrow, to 3 floors up. I have been liaising and coordinating and sourcing and negotiating for the past 2 weeks or so. Finally, tomorrow is the day, I hen the movers come to shift our barang-barang. A number of us just finished packing today, including me. Because C asked me to come back today, to do a last check, so I left the last packing to today. On Wednesday, I packed up the Admin stuff and stationery. There are still some packets of cereal in the cabinet, which I intended to shift next Wednesday when I return from my 2 days of training. Or perhaps I should do that tomorrow and return the keys? Ya, maybe I should do that. And I have to help move BB’s potted plants up for him. Perhaps I should leave a message to the Facility Manager, to let him know of the potted plants and B’s shredder.

It has been an exhausting week, and I bet it will be tiring tomorrow too. Let’s hope things will get better next week. But I know, the lunar third month is a disastrous month for me. Bless me.


I am not happy doing what I am doing, thus I am struggling. I have never really liked my life. Whatever I do, I have never really liked it. How am I going to continue with the next decades? I reckon I will fall into depression or dementia some day.


I am already pissed when I have to go to office this week Monday to Wednesday. Guess what? I was asked to come back on Friday as well!!!! WTF!!! All the more I am determined to leave when my contract is up.


Suddenly, out of nowhere, I feel so lonely. As if I am the only one in this whole building.

I wanna go home, to hide in my comfort nest.

People wonder why I isolate myself so much. I wonder why they can’t appreciate peace in personal space.

Ambushed By Boss

I feel so much grievances about being asked to go to office from Monday to Wednesday this week, that I had wanted to rush off at 6pm. Who knows, B came out to ask me about the meeting room booking. Argh~~~ Ended up I had to called the sales manager of the hotel to check on the requirements. Then when I sent the message to B, he didn’t reply or see my message. He was in a call. Gosh. I waited around for another 10 minutes, before I decided that I had to predict his decision and act on it. I emailed the sales manager to confirm on the rental and asked for the updated agreement. Then I shut down everything and left the office as if I was running away from someone.

Sigh. I don’t know, but I really have to drag myself to work and can’t wait to leave the office these days. This is the repercussion of overloading me with tasks and being over demanding with me. I am not paid highly. But I am doing 5 persons’ jobs. Who can blame me for feeling so reluctant at work? Seriously, I am too weary. And thinking of the fact that I am being asked to go back to office on this Saturday, I hate it! The only way I am comforting myself is that I am leaving this dumpster in 4 months’ time. and I am counting down every other day.